Disney Dream

Cruises aren’t our favorite way to travel, but after our wonderful experience aboard the Disney Dream, we cannot wait to do it again! Here are some of the photos from our cruise.

Pre-Cruise Stay at Disney World

Onboard the Disney Dream






Star Wars: Millenium Falcon



Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique


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3 thoughts on “Disney Dream

  1. You mention that cruises are not your favorite way to travel so I’m curious as to what your favorite way to travel is?

    1. Road trips, no contest! Driving across a wide expanse of beautiful land, and having the ability to stop at and explore spots that are not in any travel brochures… For me, it’s the best!

      1. Oh man, I don’t like road trips at all! After about 45 minutes in the car, I’m ready to be there already! But I guess it also depends if you’re driving through open fields and lots of nature or traffic on a 5 line freeway…

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