Inspire Mini Adventurers with Little Passports

As ardent travelers, we realize the importance of exposing our little ones to the wonders the world has to offer as early as possible. But that doesn’t mean they’ll feel the same way. After all, the shortest flights can get very uncomfortable; driving on long, empty stretches of road tend to be dull; and our definitions of fun and awesome may not always be the same.

Lucky for us there are a number of ways to get them as excited about family vacations as we are – from reading them children’s books about travel to getting them involved in the research to letting plan at least part of the itinerary. And with subscription boxes gaining popularity, parents have another arsenal in their hands.

While their monthly subscription boxes, reminiscent of those days when snail mail pen pals from far off places were a thing, come in neat and adorable packages that even adults will love, Bay Area-based company Little Passports certainly has a knack for thinking outside the box.

USA Edition Kit by Little Passports (Photo: Michelle Rae)
USA Edition Kit by Little Passports (Photo: Michelle Rae)

Each Little Passport subscription – there are three: Early Explorers for ages 3-5, World Edition for kids ages 6-10, and USA Edition for ages 7-12 – is designed to inspire kids to take a passionate interest in seeing, exploring and experiencing the world and the many cultures in it. (Don’t let that age guide deter you if you have teens; my 13-year-old loves them too!)

USA Edition Kit - California (Photo: Michelle Rae)
USA Edition Kit – California (Photo: Michelle Rae)

Inside each monthly kit contains a letter from pen pals Sam & Sofia, an activity booklet (with puzzles, word searches, DIY tutorials, scavenger hunts, must-stop attractions and landmarks, and even simple recipes), cool knickknacks, stickers, postcards and more, all based around a chosen theme.

The Discovery Kit comes with a camera! (Photo: Michelle Rae)
The Discovery Kit comes with a camera! (Photo: Michelle Rae)

Intended to open young minds to different cultures, instill land and wildlife conservation, encourage the love of adventure and the great outdoors, and get them excited about visit different destinations, Little Passports is just the perfect spark to ignite the wanderlust in our future adventurers!

Best of all, the subscriptions initially come with wall-sized maps that the kids can use to mark the places they’ve been, and in fun, colorful suitcases – keeping with the jet setting theme – so the kids can carry their kits around during your travels!

Sometimes, it takes a bit of convincing (and bribing) to get the kids on the traveling bandwagon. With these travel kits, it just might take a little less effort on your part.

Visit their website to learn more about Little Passports.

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